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The Importance of Product Descriptions in an eCommerce Environment

For eCommerce companies product descriptions are key. Discover why product descriptions are so important and what steps need to be taken to enhance them.

Ecommerce is an incredibly productive industry, and 2020 was one of its best years in Canada. If you want to start selling more merchandise and claim a bigger piece of this pie, you need to master the art of the product description.

These small bits of text can have a huge impact upon your prospective customer, but why? In this guide, we'll look at why product descriptions are a vital part of your eCommerce SEO strategy.

Are you ready to learn more and start improving your store? Then read on.

Your Customers Have Questions

If you were in a brick-and-mortar store, you have a salesperson who can answer any questions. When you're browsing an eCommerce store, this isn't an option. Sure, they can email you, but they're not likely to get an answer as fast.

A great product description will answer all of the customer's most common questions. Let's say that you sell clothing: they'll want to know the precise fit of your merchandise instead of taking a guess.

A great product description will answer all of their questions and help to convert prospective customers who may otherwise choose not to purchase from you.

Product Description Writing Gives You a New Space to Practice SEO

One of the key tenets of great SEO writing is using keywords proactively. You might have a blog where you sprinkle keywords into your writing to attract more clicks. Yet no matter how much keyword research you do, if you don't have product descriptions on your site, you're not making the most of your website.

Product descriptions are an opportunity to write more content for your site and include more keywords, which can attract more customers to your product pages and increase your sales.

The Elements of A Well-Developed Product Page

Potential customers want to know important information about your items, including details about special qualities, use cases, color and size options, shipping information, and your return policy. We would recommend that you try to group together different product variables (different colors, sizes, prices) on the same product page– that way you will only require one SEO-optimized product description for all variables.

If you are a reseller, try to avoid the typical copy-and-paste product descriptions from the suppliers' website, as this duplicate copy won't do your website's SEO any favours. Instead, try to use the standard product descriptions that you get from a suppliers' website as starter copy to inspire longer, original descriptions that you can use not only on your website, but to market your product across different channels as well.

It's also very important to note that a well executed product page will have all of these components, at least 300 words of web copy, plus a well thought out meta title and description for the SERP (search engine results page) to properly attract users.

Think about different ways your potential customers may want to consume this information and try to include a couple varieties for media consumption to please your audience. It is common for eCommerce websites to have a text-based product description complemented by a variety of helpful images that match items matching in the description– and matching product description videos work really well to highlight product details in a visual way.

Proper Descriptions Radiate Professionalism

Product descriptions aren't only good for SEO: they also help your site look far more professional. Imagine that none of the product pages on Amazon had product descriptions. Would you buy from this site?

The answer, for most people, would be no. A site without product descriptions looks unfinished and unprofessional, and if you can't trust a business to construct its own site, can you trust them with your credit card details?

What's more accurate product descriptions can help to build trust. When a customer receives their product and it's exactly as you described, the customer will be more likely to purchase from you again, as they know that they can trust your product descriptions.

Mastering Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are an essential part of any eCommerce website. Without product descriptions, your site will look unfinished and unprofessional, and there will be no easy way for customers to get their questions answered.

Yet it's not easy to write a fantastic product description. If you feel that you're too busy or unable to write compelling descriptions, we can help you. Our team of SEO experts can create interesting and helpful product descriptions for your site as part of an eCommerce SEO strategy.

For more information, book a free consultation today.

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