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SEM: Tips, Benefits, & How It Relates to SEO

Search Experience Marketing is defined as the process of creating optimized content. Learn tips, benefits and more helpful information here.

SEM: Tips, Benefits, & How It Relates to SEO

Interactive Media Managers use a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), web design and multimedia production techniques to create media content that matches search intent.

Let's deep dive into our process to map it out from the ground up!

Step 1: Perform Technical Check-Ups

Website health audits uncover technical SEO issues that need fixing, including page load, responsiveness and accessibility issues.

This phase of content creation should always be completed first, to ensure there is a solid foundation in place to support business marketing activities.

Step 2: Uncover Topics & Keywords

Research is the second critical step in the content creation process.

An almost unlimited number of tools can help uncover topics and keywords that would be useful starting points for content creation.

Implementing keywords through onPage SEO will ensure that a website matches the content on it, and in turn matches the searchers intent. This step is a great time to identify which long tail keywords or questions would make great articles.

Step 3: Make Great Articles

Once you have a good idea of what keywords and topics potential customers are searching for that are relevant to a specific business, the next step is to begin crafting a strategy.

Start with identifying the most meaningful and relevant topics and match them with relevant keywords. From there, you can start drafting the first round of articles incorporating the targeted keywords and topics.

Step 4: Make Great Videos

Now that you have some great baseline content to work with, it’s time to turn it into a video script. It’s also time to source royalty-free music options, and select the look and feel for the video.

Simultaneously, it's a good idea to create a rough outline of the video to match the script, and record a voiceover. Stitching these elements together will produce the first version of the video.

Step 5: Map Out The Delivery

Imagine having a bunch of articles and videos, and no plan for what to do with it.

Creating a calendar for distribution of new content is a critical, often overlooked step in content creation.

It’s important to map out the channels, pages and marketing campaigns each content piece will belong to–in advance, in order to get the most out of its release.

How Does SEM Relate to SEO?

Most businesses, web developers and even marketers don’t understand that they need to optimize multimedia content for search engines and search intent, just as much as they need to do so for their web pages.

What Are The Benefits?

Highly specialised Media Managers use marketing tactics like SEM and SEO to drive business growth, because it requires a deep understanding of web design best practices, marketing strategies and SEO to see the full picture.

Companies don’t need to employ a full team to get this kind of work done– and shouldn’t be limited by the cost of outsourcing to three different consultants, or agencies for just one project.

We understand each element of this process inside and out. Book a free consultation to learn more about our proven strategies.

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