Our Mission

D2C Group's mission is to provide transparent services that educate clients and contribute to digital literacy with the end goal to empower SME's.

Our Story

D2C was founded by Chaela Grace Kindness with the intention of offering a transparent level of service that would help to demystify digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses.


We have a unique focus is on SEO-optimized copywriting services– which includes the creation of blog articles, product descriptions, website copy and professionally-written social media posts. We also offer SEO-focused website design and development as well as inventory management services to round out our offering for eCommerce organizations in the D2C (direct-to-consumer) ecosystem.


Our strategic focus on content creation helps to boost our clients' organic search results while working to position their businesses as the reputable authority in their field.   

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D2C Content Marketing Company
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Why Should You Work With D2C?

We become your chief marketer and really get to know your business.


We keep our tactics revolving around your goals so that you always know exactly what we're working on.


Stop paying run of the mill SEO companies your hard earned cash and start getting transparent services from a trusted source that always has your back.

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