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What is Digital Project Management and why is it important?

Digital project managers develop websites, produce videos, create content, track analytics and manage a team of creators.

It's important to have an experienced professional oversee the production and placement of your digital assets to ensure projects get completed on time and within budget.


Thanks to a diverse technical skillset, digital project managers are uniquely positioned to support small and medium size companies looking to engage their online audiences through multiple channels.

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Is Your Small Business Overwhelmed Trying to Catch Up With Current Content Marketing Trends?

Perhaps you would enjoy working with our content marketing specialists.


Content marketing involves creating and sharing informational material through online channels like videos, blog articles, and social media posts.


This form of marketing does not explicitly promote a brand. It is meant instead to evoke interest in the products or services associated with that brand.


You may be using content marketing strategies already. If so, we can help you refine your approach through our coordinated marketing services.

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Digital project management is a streamlined way to manage online projects from concept through completion. It helps companies and teams stay within budget using a specific and predetermined amount of resources.


Digital project management is designed to scale to the size of the company and the project. It involves planning, delegating, tracking, reviewing, and measuring results.


Whatever the size of your business, we can build a website that serves it well. We can also refine an existing site by helping you develop the content you need to attract clients — whether that includes videos, blog articles, social media content, or something different. Plus, of course, the websites we create come fully search engine optimized (SEO).


At D2C, the website copy we create for our clients is well-researched and completely original. And although it has SEO keywords placed strategically throughout, this does not detract in any way from the overall readability. Moreover, we offer an unlimited number of revisions. We want to be 100% sure our clients are satisfied with our work.

Who We Are: Meet D2C

We launched the D2C Group as a full-service and transparent digital marketing agency. Our goal was a level of service that would help demystify digital marketing. We cater to local small and medium-sized businesses in need of content marketing that is direct to consumer focused.  


D2C is a collective of top-notch digital marketing consultants, web designers, and digital project management experts based in Ottawa. We develop professional, easy-to-navigate, SEO-optimized websites. With customized website copywriting services to boost your landing page ranking, you can expect high search engine rankings overall.


We have a unique strategic focus on content creation. That focus helps boost our clients' organic search results. That's because it positions their businesses as authorities in their respective fields.  

Customer Praise


"I am so pleased with their services and how well they have aligned our customized marketing goals with their product. They are wonderful to work with! Five stars!" – Michelle C.

"D2C continues to push excellence in all areas of marketing. Their knowledge of the marketing landscape, and especially video marketing, position them as leaders as things continue to transform in the industry! Two thumbs up!" – Craig C.

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Discover What We Can Do For You

Don't hesitate to come to us with questions and concerns about your current digital marketing strategies. Or, if your business is new and you haven't yet determined what strategies to use, we can help with that too. In fact, we are prepared to meet your needs, no matter where you are in your "entrepreneurial journey."

Are you starting at square one or a seasoned business owner seeking a strategic recharge? Either way, we can work with you to develop a digital content marketing plan that will equip you for the ever-shifting digital terrain.

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